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"The Nexus is not a concept, it's a place."


Up to 70% more water efficient


Powered with renewable energy 


Grown in the city, all year long

Why Nexus Farms?

The Challenge

Today we live in a world plagued with environmental challenges, and one of the biggest is how to sustainably feed our cities.

 - Was your food grown with chemicals?
 - Did it exploit valuable water resources?
 - Did it travel 1000's of km to your plate?

The answer to those questions is probably "yes", but it doesn't have to be.


Our Answer

Nexus Farms is an Urban Farm project coming to Cologne. Our goal is to grow the freshest produce possible, while also reducing the negative impact from production.

Using Aquaponic technology, we can use far  
less land and water, as well as grow without chemical fertilizers.

Lets change how we feed our modern cities.